About Us

The brains behind environelle

environelle.co.uk is ran by husband and wife – Alan & Sheila. Having spent seventeen happy years living in Durban, South Africa and Alan got himself involved in producing special shaving soap for the local Zulu men, many of whom have severe acne and other skin problems. Sheila was the manageress of a health and fitness centre and involved in personal relaxation techniques and massages with a variety of essential oils.

Big challenges with an alternative approach

On their return to UK, Alan and Sheila became aware of the problem with single use plastics both in general and in the beauty industry, and also the relatively high cost of cosmetics. This awareness drove them to begin making bars of gents shaving soap and also body balms, which were, and are presented in recyclable aluminium containers. All the other products in their range are offered in recycled and recyclable packaging and single use plastic has been eliminated. Alan’s view is that although many small and large manufacturers in the industry us PET plastic which is recyclable, people do not recycle as much as they need to, probably due in some way due to the confusion as to what different local authorities will take. In line with their stance on eco friendly products they do not use harsh chemicals or substances which are known or suspected carcinogens. Sheila says that if there is the slightest risk using a product which might harm your skin or hair, why take it when there is certainly a product out there which eliminates that risk.

The knowledge that goes into every product

All their products are made in small batches by hand, and are truly natural, and almost all are organic and vegan friendly. Many years before their South African adventure Alan founded Alan Howard Ltd hairdressing supplies so feels the wheel has come full circle with him being involved in Skinsence, which then went on to become known as ‘environelle’.

They remain dedicated to doing there bit for the planet, and converting others to do the same, and they also adhere to the maxim – what’s on the tin is in the tin – with clear labelling everybody can understand, whilst also giving great value for money with their products.